About Chief Essential Oils


Since the dawn of time, the First Nations have roamed Canadian lands in order to provide for their needs, feed and heal themselves, with respect for Mother Nature. Our community, the Crees, remains one of the largest to this day. We are proud of the values that characterize us such as sharing, respect for traditions and our openness to the world.
For centuries we have traveled the world to discover the best the earth has to offer. Based on our discoveries, our history and our know-how, we want to share with you the power of the Canadian boreal forest.


First nations woman tree


We strongly believe in the healing power of nature. We want to share with you the heritage that has been passed down to us from generation to generation and shed light on the forgotten ancestral practices of aromatherapy. Let us be your guide.



Sharing our knowledge of the natural benefits for body and soul, while preserving our resources for generations to come, is what drives our family. All our branches are carefully selected by hand and our oils are carefully distilled by us. By controlling the entire production chain, we can guarantee you essential oils of high quality and purity, in complete transparency. By using the branches of trees already exploited, we are participating in a zero-waste approach. Our beautiful forests are thus not overexploited, and as essential oils can do for you, we preserve the lungs of our planet.